Photo Credit: Pearl Macek

NYCity Snapshot: How Can the Next Mayor Improve Your Life?

Our reporters fanned out through the city, armed with video cameras and a question: What is one thing the next mayor can do to make your life better? The answers proved as diverse as the city itself. Click on pictures to hear and see dozens of New Yorkers talk about their hopes for the coming four years. Use the “Filters” button to break down responses by various categories.




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Public Safety
"I wouldn't really enjoy being stopped just because I'm walking late at night."
"People with no children have paid a lot of taxes."
"Oh, you don't need that much sugar."
"Impossible for students to get Metrocards"
"How do their children manage given these kind of demands?"
"It's unfair that tuition rates keep going up."
“People want to go to school but they are not able to because they cannot afford it."
"Make it more senior-citizen friendly."
"Make the trains run a little bit better."
"It just feels like I'm swimming in smoke here."
"Stabilize or lower the property taxes."
"Programs geared toward people coming home from prison."
"A child may be in school physically but mentally they're not."
"I do need affordable housing."
"Schooling is tough because you can't get good schools for the little kids."
"The change that I want is more funding to the students"
"Serve all the children in the community."
"Do something with the tolls - they're outrageous."
"I would like for the next mayor... to walk into a shelter."
"I have to work all the time to live in New York."
"The middle class is actually shrinking."
"You hear about arts programs getting cut...and it's heartbreaking."
"Housing is ridiculously expensive."
"He can definitely do a lot more for the kids."
"We're forced to move out because of these property taxes."
"It's time for teachers to get what they deserve."
"Don't just cater to the white. Don't just cater to the black."
"The new mayor of New York will have to fight to keep the hospitals open..."
"You have to have some type of proof...that they have a weapon on them."
"He is aware of the separation of rich people and poor people."
"People, landlords especially, are going to increase the rate of rent."
"It's like we're taking a chance every day coming outside."
"I don't know that I would want my kids to be in school where I live."
"Too much is hanging on numbers for students."
"When you're able to support yourself, you're able to walk around with... pride."
"I think housing at this time is a major concern."
"He could work on creating jobs for people."
"You should be able to perform in the subways."
"More stuff for children and kids to do, I'm about to be a father."
"All the children come to the community center and playground."
"Let's hope he keeps the streets safe."
"More equitable treatment for the people of the city."
"He'll have his hands full with finding ways to fine tune things."
"I am a biker... and I see when they have the particular lanes how much safer it is."
“By helping the little guy instead of stepping on him.”
"It's ridiculous to go to jail for smoking a joint or a blunt or whatever..."
"Find a way to keep teachers in the school and things for kids to do at school."
"I think there's a lot of guns in the street, much more than there was before."
"Ensure that my students get the best education possible."
"An older and wiser person could be more of an asset."
"I pay so many taxes it's almost impossible to become a big business owner."
"Make it a little easier for us to go to school."
"They are not building housing that is affordable for the average person."
"Getting more of the opinions of the youth would be so beneficial."
"I really don't use the G train. I think it's terrible."
"In South America, in Central America, the education is much better than here."
"The streets are terrible. There are so many potholes."
"The income alone that I have, it doesn't pay rent. It's too high."
"If rent was... more controlled, then the people I know would still be able to be here."
“I really thought my tires were gonna fall off because of all the potholes.”
"I believe Bill de Blasio would do a lot to help ex-cons."
“The next, heath care, yeah!"
Sentencing guidelines make "it hard for people to find employment."
"...let the East River Ferry come down as far as Red Hook."
"I work two jobs; it's like I need another one."
"I've found myself walking when I would normally hop on the subway."
"There needs to be some kind of plan to deal with [homelessness]."
"I've never recovered from that [Superstorm Sandy]."
"Stop and frisk... he needs to improve it."
"I want to see him be a leader of people, not just a politician."
"Taking out of the top incomes to pay for more Pre-K programs."
"The stop-and-frisk policy was more damaging than anything else."
"He could affect the quality of my life... by affecting (that) of the children I serve."
"We don't want the police to be an occupying army."
"Banning plastic bags ... and litter"
"I'm afraid because I usually walk in this area."
"Love one another, that is what you don't hear anymore."
“Cities are healthy if all people are taken care of.”
"Bring back stop-and-frisk."
"Enhance the overall livability of the city."
"Help keep the property taxes down."
"The city didn't have enough money to put lifeguards on the beach."
"Sign a contract with the United Federation of Teachers."
"You need to know somebody to get a job here."
"We need somebody who cares who can make this neighborhood unified."
“Well, he could help get me back to work.”
"He needs to concentrate more on the economy, try to create more jobs."
"They're taking advantage of the situation."
"I work a lot of hours and my kids can't stay afterschool."